Hunan restaurants

Top Choice Hunan in Changsha


There’s a great buzz at this landmark eatery, established in 1747 and set in and around a small templelike courtyard. Even Mao has eaten here, in 1958, and he praised the homemade choù dòufu (臭豆腐; stinky tofu; ¥18).…
Top Choice Hunan in Fenghuang

Miss Yang Restaurant

Specialising in local cuisine, particularly that of the Miao and Tujia people, such as Tuó River fish (沱江小鱼; Tuó Jiāng xiǎoyú), this intimate restaurant serves tasty delights in an atmospheric upstairs setting of va…
Top Choice Dumplings in Changsha

Sōnghuājiāng Jiǎoziguǎn

Not a romantic choice, this bustling eatery specialises in the mellow cuisine of northern China. Dumplings (饺子; jiǎozi) are the speciality and come in many varieties, including pork and chives (¥6), lamb and onion (…
Top Choice Hunan in Shaoshan

Máo Jiā Fàndiàn

The best-known restaurant in the village was opened in 1987 by business-savvy octogenarian Madam Tang, who used to live in the house opposite Mao, but who now owns a restaurant empire with more than 300 outlets worl…
Hunan in Changsha

Huǒgōngdiàn – Wuyi Dadao

This Wuyi Dadao branch of Huǒgōngdiàn is a cavernous restaurant with stone tabletops, diligent staff and traditional music wafting over diners. The dim sum and cold veggie dishes come around on squeaking trolleys, b…
Hunan in Changsha

Lǎo Chángshā Lóngxiāguǎn

This cavernous and raucous warehouse-like dining hall is the most enjoyable place to sample one of Chángshā's signature dishes: spicy crayfish (龙虾; lóngxiā). You may need to wait for a table, so grab a number, and a…
Chinese in Changsha

Xī Hú Lóu Jiǔ Jiā

About 9km northeast of the city centre, the world’s biggest Chinese restaurant, according to the Guinness Book of World Records and a plaque on the wall, is a village of five kitchens, staff of 1000, and banquet hal…
Italian in Fenghuang

Soul Cafe

This upmarket cafe serves proper coffee (from ¥25) and the setting is lovely, with sofas, comfy chairs, lampshades everywhere and river views, but the food is overpriced (and toast in the breakfast sets comes withou…
Hunan in Fenghuang

Wànmù Zhāi Chinese Húnán

The Yang family serves up generous portions of Tujia dishes as well as regional xiāng cuisine at this popular local spot. No English menu.
Market in Zhangjiajie

Nánmén Night Market

A few blocks south of Beizheng Jie, south of the junction between Nanzheng Jie and Huilong Lu (回龙路), this street-food market is an excellent spot to grab a table and order a round of lamb, pork, squid or mushroom ke…