Ticket Office in Hongjiang Old Town

Hóngjiāng Old Town Ticket Office

The official entry point to the old town is here. You can try to enter by any of the other side alleys off Yuanjiang Lu, but you may be stopped by one of the wandering ticket collectors who will direct you to the ma…
Tourist Information in Heng Shan

Tourist Centre

Tourist leaflets and maps are available at this modern tourist centre, where you can also store luggage.
Police in Changsha

Public Security Bureau

For visa extensions, go to this PSB about 2km west of the river. Yingwanzhen metro station is closest.
Bank in Hongjiang Old Town

Bank of China

Changes foreign currency, if you ask politely. It's around 400m downhill from the Wǔlíngchéng Hotel.
Bank in Heng Shan

Bank of China

Just past the páifāng (decorative arch), this branch changes money and has a 24-hour ATM.
Bank in Fenghuang

Bank of China

You can change money at this branch on Nanhua Lu, a short walk from the Nánhuá Gate Tower.
Ticket Office in Heng Shan

Train Ticket Office

Handily located along Zhurong Lu, north of Hengshan Lu and near the páifāng.
Hospital in Changsha

Provincial People’s Hospital

One of the largest hospitals in the city, centrally located on Jiefang Xilu.
Travel Agency in Fenghuang

Train Ticket Booking Office

Handily located right opposite the entrance to Nánhuáshān Park (南华山公园).
Bank in Changsha

Bank of China

By the Civil Aviation Hotel. Has an exchange.