Top Choice Area in Zhāngjiājiè

Bīngláng Valley

A free alternative to Zhāngjiājiè national park, this staggeringly beautiful mountain valley and its caves, natural arches and vertiginous cliffs, 90 minutes by bus from town, makes for a sublime day trip or overnig…
Mountain in Húnán

Héng Shān

Seventy-two peaks spanning 400km comprise Héng Shān, but most visitors focus on Zhùróng Peak, rising 1290m above sea level.The lung- and knee-busting, 13km ascent up winding paths, steep staircases and, in places, a…
National Park in Zhāngjiājiè

Wǔlíngyuán Scenic & Historic Interest Area

The national park's official name is the Wǔlíngyuán Scenic & Historic Interest Area, but almost everyone refers to it simply as Zhāngjiājiè, the name of one section of the park.The park, covering a vast 264 sq k…
National Park in Zhāngjiājiè

Zhāngjiājiè Scenic Area

From the 'Forest Park' entrance, there is an early opportunity for a bird's-eye view of the karst towers from Huángshí Village (黄石寨; Huángshízhài), a 3km loop on a plateau 1048m up. It’s a two-hour slog up 3878 ston…
House in Hóngjiāng Old Town

Liú Yuán

The Liú Yuán is a magnificent old house – it's now lived in by several families, but it used to belong to a wealthy merchant and is named after the garden in Sūzhōu; it stands in front of a colossal courtyard. Most …
Historic Site in Chángshā

Old City Walls & Tiānxīn Pavilion

The old city walls, which once stretched for 9km around ancient Chángshā, were built of rammed earth in 202 BC, reinforced with stone in AD 1372 (during the Ming dynasty), damaged by the Taiping in 1852 and finally …
Waterfall in Fúróng Zhèn

Fúróng Zhèn Waterfall

These dramatic falls give the town its unique character, especially when they're in full spate. The waters fall from one level to another before crashing down into the river below. The admission ticket to the town i…
Bridge in Fènghuáng

Hóng Bridge

In the style of the Dong minority’s wind and rain bridges, this attractive bridge vaults the waters of the Tuó River and is illuminated at night. Like some other sights in Fènghuáng, it's best viewed from a distance…
Museum in Chángshā

Húnán Provincial Museum

This formerly first-rate museum was undergoing a complete rebuild at the time of research. It is expected to reopen in late 2017.
Buddhist Site in Chángshā

Kaifu Temple

This large and active temple in the north of town dates originally to the Five Dynasties period, with many additions during later dynasties. The imposing Hall of the Three Kings (三圣殿; Sānshèng Diàn) at the front con…