Xiǎo Hú Niú

Hubei in Yichang

Specialising in a local beef hotplate called xiǎo hú niú, this is a fun place to eat in Beimen. Order the hotplate first, stipulating how spicy you want your beef (¥25 for 250g) or lamb (¥26 for 250g) – mild (微辣; wēi là), medium (中辣; zhōng là) or hot (麻辣; mǎ là) – before ordering other raw ingredients to fry it with.

Choices include qīngjiāo (青椒; green peppers), xiānggū (香菇; shiitake mushrooms), tǔdòu piàn (土豆片; potato slices) and ǒu piàn (藕片; lotus root slices). You can get here from the riverside avenue Yanjiang Dadao (沿江大道) on bus number 2.