Top ChoiceLive Music in Wuhan

Vox Livehouse

Vox Livehouse is Wuhan's indie music venue of choice. Cover charge ranges from free to ¥220; call or check online for opening dates. It's on the south side of East Lake.

Buddhist Temple in Wuhan

Guiyuan Temple

An afternoon at this revered 350-year-old Buddhist temple can fluctuate between serenity and chaos, depending on the tour buses. Pass a large rectangular pond where turtles cling like shipwrecked sailors to two...

Museum in Wuhan

Hubei Provincial Museum

The highlights of Hubei's Provincial Museum are excavations from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng (c 433 BC): there are bronze wares, weaponry and musical instruments – including one of the world’s largest, a...

Hubei in Wuhan

Shěnjì Shāokǎo Hǎixiān

Not your typical noodle stand, this popular spot specialises in two things: seafood règānmiàn (sesame noodles) served in a huge bowl that will easily feed two, and barbecued skewers. The noodles come with crab...

Historic Site in Wuhan

Yellow Crane Tower

Wuhan’s mythical crane, immortalised in the 8th-century poetry of Cui Hao, has long flown, but the city landmark remains perched atop Snake Hill. The tower has been rebuilt often since the original was...

Chinese in Wuhan

Xiǎo Bèiké

This stylish restaurant, with lovely tree-shaded terrace seating, offers an excellent range of pan-Chinese cuisine, with dishes from Hubei, Sichuan and Chongqing featuring highly. In addition to seafood, it...

Museum in Wuhan

Hubei Museum of Art

Focusing on modern Chinese art, the first two floors here are dedicated to temporary exhibits, while the 3rd floor features a permanent collection tracing the development of art in Hubei in the 20th century....

Bar in Wuhan

Wuhan Prison

This long-standing, grungy Wuchang dive was opened by longtime punk musician Wu Wei (of seminal band SMZB), and is a popular expat hangout. It's up an alley around the corner from Vox.

Taoist Temple in Wuhan

Changchun Temple

This restored Taoist temple originally dates back to the Han dynasty. The Hall of Supreme Purity (太清殿; Tàiqīng Diàn), containing a white-bearded statue of Laotzu, is the centrepiece, with other halls leading up...

Park in Wuhan

Hankou Bund

The Hankou Bund is a roughly 4km stretch of curated park running parallel to the Yangzi where locals gather to amble or gossip. There are some tea houses and bars, a few historic buildings, mahjong and chess...

Street Food in Wuhan

Hubu Alley

Hubu Alley is famous among locals for street food, from noodles and steamed buns to duck intestines and pigs' feet. Crowds here can be intense on weekends and holidays. It's off Minzhu Lu, just west of the Yellow...

Barbecue in Wuhan

Lǎojiē Shāokǎo

'Old Street Barbecue' serves spicy grilled meats, fish and veggies in a pleasant sit-down restaurant. Large bottles of cheap beer help keep the chilli at bay.

Mall in Wuhan

Chǔhé Hànjiē

This restored strip of concession-era architecture is one of Wuhan's prominent outdoor dining and shopping areas. There are a few Chinese restaurants here; however, as most of the stores are international chains...

Museum in Wuhan

Revolution of 1911 Museum

Housed in a dramatic, eye-catching red rock–like building, the Chinese Communist Party propaganda machine is in full tilt, but there are some interesting old photos. Passport required.