Mountain in Wudang Shan

Wudang Shan

Wudang Shan attracts a diverse array of climbers, from Taoist pilgrims with knapsacks and porters shouldering paving slabs and sacks of rice, to tired parents piggybacking young kids and bright-eyed octogenarians...

Taoist Site in Wudang Shan

Forbidden City

The walled Forbidden City encompasses the very tip-top of Wudang Shan and is accessed from the Taihe Palace near the cable car exit. The Chinese name Zǐjīn Chéng (literally, 'purple gold city') is actually a...

Museum in Wudang Shan

Wǔdāng Museum of China

This is a great opportunity to get a grip on Wudang Shan history, lore and architecture. There’s a whole pantheon of gods, including the eminent Zhenwu (patriarch of the mountain) and a section on Taoist medicine...

Chinese in Wudang Shan

Wàipó Jiā

'Grandma's' is a cheery modern place with a good selection of the usual home-style dishes. No English menu.

Taoist Temple in Wudang Shan

Zixiao Palace

From this beautiful, turquoise-tiled temple, a small stone path leads up to South Cliff (45 minutes).

Live Performance in Wudang Shan

A Dream of Wudang

This taichi-themed dance show is held on Friday and Saturday nights at Taiji Lake, east of town.