The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to Hubei Province due to an outbreak of the coronavirus.


Bus Station in Yichang

Long-Distance Bus Station

Yichang's main long-distance bus station is located next to the east train station, about 8km southeast of downtown. Don't confuse it with the former long-distance bus station (长途汽车站; chángtú qìchēzhàn) in the...

Airport in Wudang Shan

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport

Located in Shiyan, 20km northwest of Wudangshan, serving major cities in China. Airport Bus 1 (快线1号线; kuàixiàn yīhào xiàn) runs between the airport and Wudangshan from 7.40am to 5.40pm daily (¥15, 40 minutes).