Hubei restaurants

Top Choice Chinese in Wuhan

Xiǎo Bèiké

This stylish restaurant, with lovely tree-shaded terrace seating, offers an excellent range of pan-Chinese cuisine, with dishes from Húběi, Sìchuān and Chóngqìng featuring highly. It also does a number of fish dishe…
Top Choice Hubei in Yichang

Fàngwēng Restaurant

At Xīlíng Gorge (西陵峡; Xīlíngxiá), 12km north of Yíchāng, is a peculiar restaurant perched precariously against a cliff. Claimed to be the ninth 'cave restaurant' in the world, the cuisine is distinctly Húběi, the se…
Hubei in Yichang

Xiǎo Hú Niú

Our favourite restaurant in Běimén specialises in a local beef hotplate called xiǎo hú niú. Order that first, stipulating how spicy you want your beef (¥25 for 250g) or lamb (¥26 for 250g) – mild (微辣; wēi là), mediu…
Chinese in Shennongjia

Piān Qiáo Wān

This is the coolest place to eat in Mùyú. It's accessed via a wobbly bridge and backs onto a small tea plantation (you can buy tea here). The menu is in Chinese only. Try the huíguō niúròu (回锅牛肉; spicy fried beef), …
Hubei in Jingzhou

Bàyú Rénjiā

Great location by the moat, outside New East Gate. Grab a table overlooking the city wall and moat and tuck into the restaurant speciality, gānguō (干锅), an iron pot of spicy delights, kept bubbling hot with a small …
Barbecue in Wuhan

Lǎojiē Shāokǎo

'Old Street Barbecue' takes the popular hawker-style meat-on-stick philosophy espoused on corners nightly around the city, and poshes it up just a little. Large bottles of cheap beer are served by young, well traine…
Chinese in Jingzhou

Grandma's Home

This new restaurant chain has taken off in China, and while we don't necessarily advocate seeking out the easy-to-find, Jīngzhōu's modest dining scene means delicious, freshly prepared hotpots and stir-fries warrant…
Vegan in Jingzhou

Liánxīn Sùcàiguǎn

Wholesome vegan food is served, buffet-style, at this friendly Buddhist restaurant next to Zhanghua Temple. Mock-meat dishes are overshadowed by the many bright, green vegetable dishes infused with chilli, garlic an…
Cafe in Wuhan


This stylish coffee house and cake store serves delicious brews over two levels. The young, funky crowd on laptops also sip fruit beer, wine and tea while planning the night ahead, the looming essay or their next me…
Chinese in Wudang Shan

Taìhé Xuánwǔ Dàjiǔdiàn

Large bustling restaurant with half its menu helpfully translated into English. Various regional cuisines are represented, from Sichuanese to Cantonese; even Běijīng roast duck! No English sign.