Hubei attractions

Mountain in Wudang Shan

Wǔdāng Shān

Wǔdāng Shān attracts a diverse array of climbers, from Taoist nuns with knapsacks, porters shouldering paving slabs and sacks of rice, business people with laptops and bright-eyed octogenarians hopping along. It’s a…
Museum in Wuhan

Húběi Provincial Museum

Some minor renovations have lifted one of China's finest public museums to even further heights. The history of China is on display here in all its glorious complexity. The centrepiece is the exhibition of the tomb …
Taoist Site in Wudang Shan

Forbidden City

Near the top, beyond the cable-car exit, is the magnificent Forbidden City with its 2.5m-thick stone walls hugging the mountainside and balustrades festooned with lovers’ locks.
Buddhist Site in Wuhan

Guīyuán Temple

An afternoon at this revered 350-year-old Buddhist temple can fluctuate between serenity and chaos, depending on the tour buses. Pass a large rectangular pond where turtles cling like shipwrecked sailors to two meta…
Architecture in Yichang

Three Gorges Dam

The huge, hulking Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest dam due to its length (2.3km) rather than its height (101m), and while it isn’t the most spectacular dam, it is worth a peek. You can’t walk on it, but there…
Museum in Jingzhou

Jīngzhōu Museum

Next to Kāiyuán Temple is a small, yet architecturally superb museum surrounded by water. Here you'll find wonderful artefacts unearthed from Chu tombs around the area. The jade and porcelain halls are marvellous, a…
Archaeological Site in Jingzhou

Xióngjiā Zhǒng

Forty kilometres north of Jīngzhōu, the 2300-year-old tombs of Xióngjiā Zhǒng are the source of a large collection of jade – on display at the Jīngzhōu Museum – while there is a fascinating and huge collection of sk…
Historic Site in Wuhan

Yellow Crane Tower

Wǔhàn’s magical dancing crane, immortalised in the 8th-century poetry of Cui Hao, has long flown, but the city’s pride and joy remains perched atop Snake Hill. The tower has had its history rebuilt out of it since t…
Museum in Wuhan

Húběi Museum of Art

As contemporary Chinese artists continue to soar in the art world, institutions such as the excellent Húběi Museum of Art gain increased relevance and acclaim. Bright young things are not the only exhibitors of note…
Taoist Site in Wudang Shan

Golden Hall

There are magnificent views from the Golden Hall, constructed entirely from bronze, dating from 1416 and in dire need of some buffing up. A small statue of Zhenwu – Ming emperor and Wǔdāng Shān’s presiding Taoist de…