Huángshān attractions

Viewpoint in Huángshān

Refreshing Terrace

The vantage point for watching the Huángshān sunrise, five minutes’ walk from Běihǎi Hotel. Lucky visitors are rewarded with the luminous spectacle of yúnhǎi (literally ‘sea of clouds’): idyllic pools of mist that s…
Landmark in Huángshān

Flying Rock

The western steps descent begins at the Flying Rock, a boulder perched on an outcrop half an hour from Běihǎi Hotel.
Landmark in Huángshān

Flower Blooming on a Brush Tip

En route to the North Sea, you will pass this granite formation topped by a pine tree.
Buddhist Temple in Huángshān

Bànshān Temple

Located at 800m, this Huángshān temple's name literally means 'Halfway up the Mountain Temple'.