Zhuo Ma’s Homestay

Top choice homestay in Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

A genuine Tibetan homestay, this pretty wood cabin in a tiny village about 10km from the main park has six simple rooms and a wonderfully accommodating family. There’s a common bathroom with shower, and prices include three meals and pick-up from the bus station (otherwise it’s around ¥60 in a taxi). There's also a new upscale ecolodge in the works.

The lovely Zhuo Ma speaks some English and is usually on hand to welcome foreign guests. Her mother (amma) is the host and cooks the meals, while Zhuo Ma's two brothers help manage the nearby ecolodge and the Ā Bù Lǔ Zī restaurant. If you’re coming from Sōngpān you could ask the driver to drop you on the main road at Shàng Sì Village (上寺; Shàng Sì Zhài). Zhuo Ma’s is about a 15-minute walk uphill from there. Just call Zhuo Ma if you have any problems finding it.