Bicycle Hire in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island


Modern Classic Bicycle Company (MCBC) is a merchandise, rental and repair shop for the stylish. You can take your vehicle here for repair and upgrade, or you can rent one of the sleek, carbon-fibre travel bikes...

Train in Hong Kong

Airport Express

Fastest and costliest public route to the airport; most airlines allow Airport Express passengers to check in at the Central or Kowloon stations up to a day ahead of departure; trains depart from 5.50am to...

Helicopter in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Sky Shuttle

The fastest way to get to Macau is by helicopter; it takes a zippy 15 minutes. A one-way flight from Hong Kong costs HK$4300 and departs from the same place as the ferries, on the third floor of the Shun Tak Centre.

Ferry in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal

Ferries to Macau and elsewhere depart from the 3rd floor of the Shun Tak Centre, where you'll find the boarding gates and self-service ticket kiosks.

Ferry in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island


Has departures every 15 minutes to Macau's Outer Harbour, departing from the West Bridge.