Top things to do

Top Choice Dam in Sai Kung Peninsula

High Island Reservoir East Dam

Handsome architecture, the South China Sea, and 14 million-year-old volcanic rocks make this one of Hong Kong's most breathtaking places. High Island Reservoir East Dam is the most easily accessible part of Hong Kon…
Top Choice Park in Sai Kung Peninsula

Hong Kong Global Geopark

Part of the Unesco Geopark network, this spectacular geopark consists of two regions of formations. Volcanic rock from 140 million years ago that often appear as stacks of visually stunning hexagonal columns; and se…
Top Choice Cantonese in Sai Kung Peninsula

Loaf On

The motto here is: eat what they hunt. This three-storey Michelin-star restaurant is where fish freshly caught from Sai Kung waters in the morning lands on customers’ plates by midday. The signature fish soup and st…
Area in Sai Kung Peninsula

Sai Kung Town

Sai Kung town is a wonderful base for exploring the rugged and massive countryside that defines the Sai Kung Peninsula. This eclectic waterfront town has a cluster of seafood restaurants and is also a stopping point…
Seafood in Sai Kung Peninsula

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

Chuen Kee impresses with its range of fish, crustaceans and molluscs on offer – all displayed alive in tanks at the entrance of course. The preparation is similar, but you'll get palm-length mantis shrimp, king crab…
Desserts in Sai Kung Peninsula

Honeymoon Dessert

This shop specialises in Chinese dessert soups made with nuts, pulses, and yam, or fruit, coconut milk and sago. It also whips up crepes and puddings with tropical fruits like mango and banana, and – famously – duri…
Wine Bar in Sai Kung Peninsula


Classy Classified is the place to go in Sai Kung for good wine and cheese. Wooden communal tables and open frontage make it ideal for people-watching too.
Island in Sai Kung Peninsula

Yim Tin Tsai Island

The charming 0.24 sq km 'Catholic' island of Yim Tin Tsai (literally, 'Little Salt Field') is named for the island's salt-panning history. Having laid waste for years, the salt fields were revived recently by return…
Nature Reserve in Sai Kung Peninsula

Lions Nature Education Centre

One of the best kid-pleasing destinations around, this 34-hectare attraction is a nature education centre with an arboretum, an insectarium, fields and gardens, and galleries devoted to rocks, minerals and sea shell…
Gallery in Sai Kung Peninsula

Volcano Discovery Centre

The Volcano Discovery Centre, adjacent to Sai Kung Bus Terminus, advises on the best ways to explore Hong Kong Global Geopark and has a small exhibition on the territory's volcanic and sedimentary rock formations. T…