Top Choice Food & Drinks in Central District

Kowloon Soy Company

The shop (c 1917) for artisanal soy sauce, premier cru Chinese miso and other high-quality condiments; it also sells preserved eggs (pei darn, 皮蛋) and pickled ginger (suen geung, 酸姜) which are often served together …
Drinks in Central District

Good Spring Co

This Chinese medicine shop has a counter selling herbal teas – for detoxing, getting rid of water, cooling the body or treating colds. The most popular is the bitter 24-herb tea. There's also the fragrant chrysanthe…
Food & Drinks in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co

This shop, which has been around since 1955, is testament to just how much tea there is in China. From unfermented to fully fermented, and everything in between, there’s simply too much to choose from. But don't pan…
Food in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island

Yiu Fung Store

Hong Kong’s most famous store (c 1960s) for Chinese pickles and preserved fruit features sour plum, liquorice-flavoured lemon, tangerine peel, pickled papaya and dried longan. Just before the Lunar New Year, it’s cr…
Food & Drinks in Central District

Fook Ming Tong Tea Shop

Tea-making accoutrements and carefully chosen teas of various ages and grades are available here, from gunpowder to Nanyan Ti Guan Yin Crown Grade – costing anything from HK$10 to HK$9000 per 100g.
Food in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island


This Spanish artisan candy company's Hong Kong outpost sells unique-to-here flavours like lemon tea and durian, featuring local designs like Chinese zodiac animals and the character for 'double happiness'. Great gif…
Food in Kowloon

Tak Hing Dried Seafood

One of the very few honest dried-seafood stores in the area, this delightful old corner establishment has glass jars stuffed with dried scallops, crocodile meat and bird’s nests, though you might prefer the figs, ca…
Food & Drinks in Central District


This gourmet grocery store sells a range of top-notch hard-to-find ingredients from all over the world, as well as natural and organic foods. The prices, of course, are high.