Top Choice Antiques in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Chan Shing Kee

This shop with a three-storey showroom is run by Daniel Chan, the third generation of a family that’s been in the business for 70 years. Chan Shing Kee is known to collectors and museums worldwide for its fine class…
Top Choice Clothing in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Hulu 10

This pleasant shop sells Chinese-style tunics, jackets, dresses, and fashionably loose qipao, as worn by educated women of the 1910s. Materials have a raw feel, whether it's tie-dyed cotton, patterned wool or mud-tr…
Top Choice Clothing in Central District

Shanghai Tang

This elegant four-level store is the place to go if you fancy a body-hugging qipao (cheongsam) with a modern twist, a Chinese-style clutch or a lime-green mandarin jacket. Custom tailoring is available; it takes two…
Top Choice Electronics in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island

Wan Chai Computer Centre

This gleaming, beeping warren of tiny shops is a safe bet for anything digital and electronic.
Top Choice Market in Kowloon

Ladies' Market

The Tung Choi Street market is a cheek-by-jowl affair offering cheap clothes and trinkets. Vendors start setting up their stalls as early as noon, but it's best to get here between 1pm and 6pm when there's much more…
Top Choice Homewares in Kowloon

Chan Wah Kee Cutlery Store

At this humble shop, octogenarian Mr Chan, one of Asia's few remaining master knife-sharpeners, uses nine different stones to grind each blade, and alternates between water and oil. If you bring him your blade, he c…
Top Choice Accessories in Kowloon

K11 Select

In the K11 mall, this shop gathers the best of Hong Kong designers in one spot. Look for theatrical clothing from Daydream Nation, founded by a pair of Hong Kong siblings, and unisex accessories from Kapok.
Top Choice Art in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Grotto Fine Art

This exquisite gallery, founded by a scholar in Hong Kong art, is one of very few that represents predominantly local artists. The small but excellent selection of works shown ranges from painting and sculpture to c…
Top Choice Art in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Gallery of the Pottery Workshop

This gallery showcases playful ceramic objects made by local ceramic artists and artisans from the mainland and overseas. The lovely pieces range from crockery to sculptures.
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Central District

Blanc de Chine

This sumptuous store specialises in Chinese men’s jackets and silk dresses for women, both off-the-rack and made-to-measure. A gorgeous sequinned gown takes about four weeks to make, including one fitting. If you’re…