Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant

Top choice cantonese in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

Hidden in Hong Kong's only wholesale fish market, this understated eatery run by fishers is truly an in-the-know place for ultrafresh seafood. There’s no menu, but tell them your budget and they’ll source the best sea creatures available, including ones not often seen in restaurants, and apply their Midas touch to them.

The restaurant serves as a canteen for the fishers in the market and you'll see men in gumboots dropping in for beer, Hong Kong–style French toast and other cha chaan tang (teahouse) staples throughout the day. Walk-in customers can do the same. There’s no English sign; look for the nondescript one-storey yellow building with a green roof at the end of the fish market.

You'll need a Cantonese-speaking friend to help you if you'd like to book a table; organise at least two days in advance (two weeks for weekends).