Top Choice Cantonese in Tsuen Wan

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant

In an alley lined with roast-goose restaurants, 60-year-old Yue Kee is the king. Order gorgeous plates of coppery-skinned charcoal-roasted goose (half is plenty for four people) and sample house specialities includi…
Top Choice Cantonese in Tsuen Wan

Choi Lung Restaurant

This 40-year-old establishment near the village entrance uses spring water to make tofu dessert. It's self-service – pick up your dim sum from the kitchen, make your tea, and plonk yourself down on a plastic stool. …
Cantonese in Tsuen Wan

Duen Kee Restaurant

Close to the fields, you can have dim sum under one of the parasols on the ground floor of this popular no-frills yum-cha joint. But the true attraction lies upstairs where older villagers show off their caged birds…