As in the rest of the world, public telephones are increasingly rare. More and more hotels are including free mobile handsets with 4G data and free local calls as part of the room deal.

International Direct Dial (IDD) service If the phone you’re using has registered for the IDD 0060 service (or if you have the IDD Global Calling Card), dial 0060 first, then 852, and then the number; rates will be cheaper at any time.

Rates All local calls in Hong Kong are free. However, hotels charge from HK$3 to HK$5 for local calls from your room landline.

Mobile Phones

Any GSM-compatible phone can be used here. If you have an unlocked handset, buying a local SIM card with 4G mobile data and free local calls is convenient and easy.

Further Information

The Hong Kong Tourist Board sells a prepaid Tourist SIM, which includes 4G mobile data, unlimited CSL wi-fi hot-spot usage and unlimited calls. A five-day pass costs HK$88 and includes 1.5GB of data; the eight-day pass is HK$118 for 5GB. It can be purchased at the HKTB counters in the airport arrivals hall or at 7-Elevens and dozens of other retailers in the city. Other SIM-card options are available at CSL stores and 7-Elevens.

Coverage Mobile phones work everywhere, including in the harbour tunnels and on the MTR.

Handsets There are CSL stores all over the city that sell cheap handsets and mobile accessories, should you need to replace your phone while in Hong Kong.

Rates Local calls cost between 6¢ and 12¢ a minute (calls to the mainland are about HK$1.50–HK$3 per minute with IDD 0060 – significantly more without it).


Buy an International Direct Dial (IDD) Global Calling Card for cheaper rates on global calls; they are available at CSL and 7-Eleven stores.