This Town Needs

Top choice live music in Kowloon

This Town Needs…more underground music venues like this, staging 10 to 15 gigs monthly in a hip warehouse space in the coastal Kowloon burb of Yau Tong. Formerly known as Hidden Agenda, TTN is a much expanded rebranding, now offering an exhibition space and movie screenings (1pm to 8pm, days vary) as well as a bar during live shows.

Shows could be anything from post-rock to reggae, jazz, techno or punk. Hidden Agenda hopped around locations in Hong Kong for years, setting up in abandoned factories when the rent was cheap, then getting turfed out when landlords began to develop the area and neighbours complained about the noise.

At prior locations, they've hosted underground bands from mainland China (Chochukmo, Hungry Ghosts, Carsick Cars) and overseas (Tahiti 80, The Chariot, Anti-Flag, Alcest, Pitchtuner). For up-to-date listings, go to their Facebook page.

The entrance is one door to the west of the flashy Ocean One apartment building entrance.