Top Choice Temple in Clearwater Bay Peninsula

Joss House Bay Tin Hau Temple

This far-flung structure along Tai Au Mun Rd is the largest, oldest and one of the territory's most important Tin Hau temples, hence the title 'Big Temple' ('Tai Miu'). It has lovely protruding eaves, a display of m…
Beach in Clearwater Bay Peninsula

Clearwater Bay Beaches

From Tai Au Mun, Tai Au Mun Rd leads south to two fine, sandy beaches: Clearwater Bay First Beach (清水灣一灘) and, a bit further southwest, Clearwater Bay Second Beach (清水灣二灘). In summer try to go during the week, as bo…
Beach in Clearwater Bay Peninsula

Silverstrand Beach

Bus 91 passes Silverstrand beach north of Hang Hau before reaching Tai Au Mun; if you wish, you can get off near the small, narrow strip of sand for a dip. The water is clean and fish are visible at times. If you’re…