Best of Hong Kong Food Tour in Sham Shui Po

Food, Wine & Nightlife in Hong Kong

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If you've never been to Hong Kong or you're looking for a crash course to Hong Kong culinary delights, this tour is it. This tour is specifically designed to cover all the basics, and all the must eats listed in your guide books, basically the things you need to eat to say you've been to Hong Kong. We will however, change up the setting from Hong Kong Island (where most of you will be staying) to Sham Shui Po in Kowloon because while it's the poorest district in Hong Kong, it's also well known amongst the locals to be a food haven. There, we've done it, we've told you our little secret. Around Sham Shui Po, there are a bunch of Michelin starred and recommended places around but you won't even know it from the looks of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
We start off with some good ol' char siu, Hong Kong style BBQ pork in a glistening sweet and glorious dark soy marinade. After a romp around the wet markets, where chefs and locals alike buy their produce, then it's off to follow the waft of the eggy aromatic scent of egg waffles, a super popular street food in Hong Kong. A trip to the Chinese Herbalist to get our tongues read to see how healthy we are and then, it's off to one of the most quinessential meals in Hong Kong, dimsum. We'll try our favourite dimsum dish from the world's 2nd cheapest Michelin starred restaurant (1-star) before heading over to Mong Kok.Wonton noodles are next to taste, but not before you watch the master make the noodles and wonton wrappers from a bamboo pole. To finish everything off, we'll head into the ultimate place to try Hong Kong cuisine, a cha chaan teng (Sino British Cafe) to have the Hong Kong styled milk tea, probably the most famous drink in Hong Kong, and to finish everything off with a French toast, Hong Kong style. Bring a camera because it's total vintage, retro 1950's vibes here, right down to the rather brisk and terse service!PS. We don't cover anything mind-blowing that's not already in your tour guidebooks (that's our other tour, Hong Kong's Off the Eaten Path Food Tour in Whampoa). This is Intro to Hong Kong foods 101 and it's dang tasty! We love supoorting mom & pop shops and hole-in-the-walls so we've handpicked our food partners based on the merits of delicious food and a great story to back it up with (but not so much in terms of decor and ambience).

What’s included

  • Bottled water
  • Food & drink tastings as per itinerary
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Snacks

What’s not included

  • Extra food and drinks not in itinerary