Top choice Mongolian

in Hohhot

Overlooked by a portrait of Genghis Khan, diners love this colourful, fun and vibrant upstairs restaurant that does a roaring trade. There's a huge variety of Mongolian specialities to choose from, including sweet cheese (¥10), camel meat pie (¥12), cheese mooncakes (¥12), roast lamb ribs (¥68 per jīn), steamed lamb and veggie dumplings (¥7 per portion) and handmade yoghurt (¥12).

There's also Mongolian sweet cheese toasties, yoghurt 'pretzels', yoghurt bread, butter bread and much more. The food is superb, the service is prompt and the setting is worth coming back for. It's one of many branches in town: you can find this one up the blue wooden stairs just north of Xinhua Sq, where waitresses greet you in Mongolian. English picture menu.