Dàndàn Tóngguōshuàn

Top choice Mongolian

in Hohhot

The lighting in this fine traditional Mongolian hotpot restaurant is a bit intense, but the menu's sure-fire. Choose from spicy (辣, ) or mild (清淡, qīngdàn) broth, or a yuānyāng (鸳鸯, hot one side, mild the other) pot into which you scald your beef and lamb strips and piles of mushrooms, potatoes and other veggies.

It's best to get a gang together as a solitary meal is both expensive and not nearly as much fun – hotpot dining is essentially a gregarious activity. The menu is in Chinese, but you can ask for yángròu (羊肉, mutton), dòufu (豆腐, tofu) and mógu (蘑菇, mushrooms). A chilled bottle of beer (¥6) is virtually mandatory. In the mornings, it's shāomài (烧卖, dim sum dumplings) on the menu. The hotpots fire up from 10am.