Hexi Corridor restaurants

Top Choice Chinese in Dunhuang

Zhāixīng Gé

Part of the Silk Road Dūnhuáng Hotel, this rooftop restaurant is ideal for a meal (the Western buffet breakfast is excellent) or a sundowner gazing out over the golden sand dunes. Dishes do not cost much more than p…
Market in Dunhuang

Shāzhōu Night Market

Extending from Yangguan Lu south to Xiyu, this market is both a place to eat and to socialise, night and day. Off Yanguang Donglu are dozens of well organised stalls with English signs: expect Sìchuān, Korean noodle…
Market in Zhangye

Huáyì Snack Square

This pedestrianised market has dozens of snack stalls and small restaurants, many selling local specialities and Chinese standards, hand-pulled noodles (拉面; lāmiàn) and dried fruits and vegetables. This is also a go…
Breakfast in Dunhuang

Charley Johng’s Cafe

Tasty Western-style breakfasts, including scrambled eggs, muesli with yoghurt, and pancakes, are available all day either à la carte or as a set. There are also sandwiches, and a host of Chinese dishes such as stir-…
Noodles in Dunhuang

There Is A Yellow Flesh of a Donkey

This bright, clean and friendly restaurant specialises in Dūnhuáng's not-exactly-famous donkey-meat noodles (驴肉黄面; lǘròu huángmiàn). Warm noodles are served with a tasty tofu sauce and a side of cold, sliced donkey …
Sichuan in Jiayuguan

Yuànzhōngyuàn Restaurant

Directly across from the bus station on the far side of a small park is this pleasant Sìchuān restaurant. Try its gōngbǎo jīdīng (宫保鸡丁; spicy chicken and peanuts), tiěbǎn dòufu (铁板豆腐; fried tofu) or a yúxiāng ròusī …
Market in Wuwei

Liángzhōu Market

This warren of covered pedestrian streets packs in dozens of snack stands, hawker stalls and small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants in a blaze of garish neon signs. Lots of easy foods on a budget, from simple fried noo…
Market in Jiayuguan

Jìngtiě Market

At this busy market load up on lamb kebabs, ròujiāmó (肉夹馍; pork sandwiches), beef noodles, roast duck and more. There are a handful of small restaurants on the north side of the market that offer sit-down meals.
Market in Jiayuguan

Fùqiáng Market

For a fast, hot meal in the evenings, especially barbecued lamb washed down with beer, try the food stalls at this market, north of the Xinhua Lu traffic circle.