Heng Shan attractions

Mountain in Heng Shan

Héng Shān

Seventy-two peaks spanning 400km comprise Héng Shān, but most visitors focus on Zhùróng Peak, rising 1290m above sea level.The lung- and knee-busting, 13km ascent up winding paths, steep staircases and, in places, a…
Taoist in Heng Shan

Nányuè Temple

This huge Taoist and Buddhist temple originally dates to the Tang dynasty and was moved from Héng Shān summit to its foot in the Sui dynasty and then rebuilt many times, most recently in the Qing dynasty. Each carve…
Buddhist Temple in Heng Shan

Zhùshèng Temple

A 10-minute walk east of Nányuè Temple, this Zen (Chan; 禅) Buddhist temple, with an attractive stone-carved entranceway, dates as far back as the Tang dynasty. Outside, on Dong Jie, you can watch carpenters making w…
Mountain in Heng Shan

Zhùróng Peak

At 1300m, this is the highest of Héng Shān's 72 peaks and the central peak.
Monastery in Heng Shan

Dàshàn Chán Temple

This active Taoist nunnery is on the west side of Nányuè.