Tourist Information in Nanjiecun

Tourist Service Centre

You can safely avoid the Tourist Service Centre near the entrance (off the west end of Yingsong Dadao), as they’ll ask you to buy an admission ticket (¥80) that you don't actually need to visit Nánjiēcūn. But if you…
Police in Luoyang

Public Security Bureau

The exit-entry department (出入境大厅; chūrùjìng dàtīng) is across the river to the southwest.
Ticket Office in Zhengzhou

Air Ticket Office

Sells flight tickets in the airport bus office, next to the Zhèngzhōu Hotel.
Hospital in Luoyang

Luòyáng Central Hospital

Works in cooperation with SOS International; also has a 24-hour pharmacy.
Ticket Office in Zhengzhou

Civil Aviation Administration of China

East of the city centre, the CAAC sells flight tickets.
Bank in Luoyang

Bank of China

For foreign exchange and cashing travellers cheques.
Bank in Luoyang

Industrial & Commercial Bank

Huge branch; foreign exchange and 24-hour ATM.
Bank in Luoyang

Bank of China

Handy branch just west of the train station.
Post in Kaifeng

China Post

West of the Temple of the Chief Minister.
Police in Zhengzhou

Public Security Bureau

For visa extensions; in the north of town.