Best restaurants in Heilongjiang

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Wudalian Chi

    Wángmáolǘ Dòufu Měishí Diàn

    Tofu ice cream, tofu salad, tofu burgers! This is soybean heaven, but even meat lovers will enjoy the soft delicacy at this incredible specialist restaurant. If you can't decide, take your pick from the picture menu on the wall. It's located off Guotu Jie, the street parallel to the main drag where the Quanshan New Holiday Inn hotel is located.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Harbin

    Orient King of Eastern Dumplings

    This busy main street chain dumpling house is the pick of the three options in Harbin (if it's full, head down the road to number 51). The handmade jiǎozi (饺子, stuffed dumplings) are soft and delicious; you can't go wrong with pork and cabbage, or prawn and cucumber. There are also plenty of tasty veggie side dishes and draught beer.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Harbin

    Old Chang’s Spring Rolls

    Hungry foodies line up for Lao Chang's famous chūnbǐng, northern Chinese specialities, that are essentially DIY spring rolls. Descend the stairs to order a set of wheat roll skins (¥2 per roll ), and insist on the crispy duck with sides of eggs and veggies, and then fold, tuck and gorge.

  • Restaurants in Harbin

    Bomele 1931 Cafe

    The 2nd-floor terrace overlooking Zhongyang Dajie is the main reason to swing by this friendly Chinese bakery. Downstairs is a self-serve takeaway where cakes and smoothies are created with precision. You can eat more substantial meals upstairs, plus there's free wi-fi and strong coffee.

  • Restaurants in Harbin


    The 'Old Chef's House', 2km southeast of Zhongyang Dajie, is an excellent place to sample northeastern cuisine. There can be queues on weekends for good reason: succulent, well-priced hotpots and spicy side dishes in a faux-period setting. Service is attentive and friendly to foreigners.

  • Restaurants in Harbin

    Russia Coffee & Food

    Also known as Cafe Russia, this antique-filled cafe is replete with leather-backed dining chairs, a cavernous fireplace and a grandfather clock. You can peruse the extensive collection of photographs and oil paintings depicting Harbin's heyday, with one of many varieties of tea or coffee in hand. If hungry, you can graze on pirozhki (savoury pies), but the food is pretty much an afterthought.

  • Restaurants in Harbin

    Suxin Shidu Vegetarian

    Elderly locals and wayward travellers line up for this health-conscious, meat-free buffet of filling dishes. All the usual pulse and tofu dishes are on offer, but try the more interesting blends of yams, cauliflower and verdant green vegetables cooked without onion or garlic as per Buddhist dietary traditions. You can also self-serve a variety of congee and mugs of sweetened soy milk.

  • Restaurants in Harbin

    Portman Restaurant

    The 'Bo-te-man' is super kitsch, though not cheap by Harbin standards, and the service is less than laissez-faire, but the period-style interior and live music (everything from mild cabaret to Russian folk singers to Chinese flutists) give it a certain old-world charm. Steaks and salmon and pasta dishes are excellent (though not especially Russian). There's a decent wine list, but no Russian beer!

  • Restaurants in Mudanjiang

    Shuānglóng Jiǎozi Wáng

    Some of the juiciest jiǎozi (stuffed dumplings) this side of Jingpo Lake are served at this Dongbei classic. As you turn left off Taiping Jie, the restaurant is the big glass building with the red signboard on the right. It has an English sign out the front and a partial picture menu inside to help you order.

  • Restaurants in Harbin

    Lóngjiāng Xiǎochī Jiē

    This underground, mall-style food court is part of a large shopping mall and is well stocked with a variety of Chinese, Asian and western food outlets. In winter it makes a good refuge from the cold. You'll need to purchase a card (¥10) from the pay station then top it up with cash before you order.

  • Restaurants in Mudanjiang

    Yuan Weitang Barbecue

    Skewered meat in all its varieties are served at this busy barbecue restaurant on a recommended eating strip. Service won't win awards, but the chicken and pork sticks come fast and sizzling, and there are plenty of green-vegetable options loaded with chilli and garlic.

  • Restaurants in Wudalian Chi

    Wang Shifu Lamian

    A few doors down from the famous tofu shop Wángmáolǘ Dòufu Měishí Diàn is this humble noodle joint which serves slurpingly hot soups in which meat and veggies bob up and down for attention. It's very friendly, though there are no English menus. Go for a spicy fish noodle soup ( yú miàntāng, 魚麵湯); good luck finishing it.