Top Choice Volcano in Wǔdàlián Chí

Lǎohēi Shān

This huge area is a fascinating mix of hardened lava fields, a crater, a lake and austere white trees. It's mostly easy walking with the exception of the mainly uphill 1km stair climb to the summit of Lǎohēi Shān it…
Top Choice Church in Harbin

Church of St Sophia

The red-brick Russian Orthodox Church of St Sophia, with its distinctive green onion dome and roosting pigeons, is Harbin’s most famous landmark. Built in 1907, the church has traded religion for photographs of Harb…
Nature Reserve in Hēilóngjiāng

Zhālóng Nature Reserve

Zhālóng Nature Reserve near Qíqíhā’ěr is the most accessible and most visited of nature reserves established to protect endangered species of wild cranes in Northeastern China. The reserve is home to some 260 bird s…
Village in Mòhé


Further north from Mòhé is Běijícūn, a sprawling village and recreation area on the banks of the Hēilóng Jiāng, separating China and Russia. The area is fast expanding with new hotels and resorts under construction.
Buddhist Temple in Harbin

Temple of Bliss

Hēilóngjiāng’s largest temple complex has an active Buddhist community in residence, giving it a genuine religious atmosphere despite the ticket sales. There are many large statues here, including Milefo (Maitreya, …
Natural Feature in Wǔdàlián Chí

Lóngmén ‘Stone Village’

At this impressive lava field reminiscent of Middle Earth's Mordor (minus the orcs), walk through a forest of white and black birch trees on a network of boardwalks, with the lava rocks stretching away in the distan…
Waterfall in Jìngpò Lake

Diàoshuǐlóu Waterfall

This waterfall boasts a 12m drop and 300m span. During the rainy season (June to September), when Diàoshuǐlóu is in full throttle, it’s a spectacular raging beauty, but during spring and autumn it’s little more than…
Architecture in Harbin

Dàolǐqū District

The cobblestone street of Zhongyang Dajie is the most obvious legacy of Russia's involvement with Harbin. Now a pedestrian-only zone, the street, and those nearby, are lined with buildings that date back to the earl…
Museum in Harbin

Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base

This museum is set in the notorious Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base (Division 731). Between 1939 and 1945, prisoners of war and civilians were frozen alive, subjected to vivisection or infected with bubonic …
Park in Harbin

Sun Island Park

Across the river from Stalin Park is Sun Island Park, a 38-sq-km recreational zone with landscaped gardens, a ‘water world’, a ‘Russian-style’ town, and various small galleries and museums. It’s a pleasant place to …