Bus Station in Hefei

East Bus Station

Buses to Túnxī (¥98, four hours, 7.50am, 10.10am, 1pm and 3.20pm) via Huángshān (¥98, 3½ hours) leave from the east bus station, 5km east of the city centre.
Bus Station in Hefei

Tourist Bus Station

Buses to Jiǔhuá Shān (¥88, 3½ hours, every 40 minutes, 6.40am to 5pm) leave from the tourist bus station, 500m west of the train station.
Train Station in Hefei

Héféi South Station

Most (but double-check your ticket) high-speed trains depart from the new Héféi South station, 6km southeast of the city centre.
Bus Station in Hefei

Héféi Long-Distance Bus Station

The Héféi long-distance bus station has buses to numerous destinations in the surrounding provinces.
Airport in Hefei

Héféi Xīnqiáo International Airport

Héféi's new airport is 32km northwest of town. A taxi to the city centre should cost ¥100 to ¥120.
Bus in Hefei

Main Bus Station

The so-called main bus station, just outside the train station, is for local buses only.
Train Station in Hefei

Héféi Train Station

Four kilometres northeast of the city centre; for regular-service trains.