Héféi attractions

Museum in Héféi

Ānhuī New Provincial Museum

If you really want to get to know Ānhuī, it's worth taking a half-day to explore the four floors of this museum, which opened in 2011. It begins with Palaeolithic artefacts (some are replicas) mined from the earlies…
Park in Héféi

Lord Bao Park

This pretty park with a central pond is named for native son Lord Bao, aka Bao Zheng, an official in the Northern Song dynasty (960–1279). There are several sights (joint admission ¥50) here relating to Bao, the hig…
House in Héféi

Former Residence of Li Hongzhang

Li Hongzhang, born to farmers in Héféi, rose to become a key official in the late Qing dynasty, playing a part in China's modernisation (and also the signing of the much maligned unequal treaties). This is his resto…
Buddhist Temple in Héféi

Míngjiào Temple

Small, atmospheric and looking out of place, this temple sits 5m above ground on the pedestrianised section of Huaihe Lu.