Bridge in Shijiazhuang

Zhaozhou Bridge

China’s oldest bridge still standing, Zhaozhou Bridge has spanned the Jiao River (Jiǎo Hé) for 1400 years. As the world’s first segmental arch bridge (ie its arch is a segment of a circle, as opposed to a...

Mountain in Shijiazhuang

Cangyan Mountain

This is the site of the transcendent, cliff-spanning Hanging Palace, a Sui-dynasty construction perched halfway up a precipitous gorge. If you think you’ve seen it before, you probably have – this was one of the...

Hebei in Shijiazhuang

Yáng Mázǐ Dà Bǐng

This no-frills canteen-like restaurant specialises in dà bǐng (大饼; plate-sized, golden-fried, pastry twirls with a variety of both savoury and sweet fillings), ideally washed down with a bowl of millet porridge...

Food Hall in Shijiazhuang

Mix C Food Hall

There are restaurants and cafes dotted throughout Mix C, the city's snazziest shopping mall, but head up to the 6th floor to find the best-value offerings, inside a small Hong Kong–style food court called Skyland...

Museum in Shijiazhuang

Hebei Museum

Wandering the cavernous halls of this museum's two buildings will take you deep into the multilayered realms of Chinese history, with most exhibits focusing on archaeological excavations that date as far back as...

Hebei in Shijiazhuang

Chéngdé Huìguǎn

Specialising in imperial cuisine from the summer courts of Chengde (承德, Chéngdé) in northern Hebei, this fine, long-standing restaurant has a fun atmosphere, with faux courtyard decor and excellent food,...

Food Hall in Shijiazhuang

Lerthai Center

A slick shopping mall with dozens of restaurants ranging from Shanghainese and hotpot to pizza and Korean BBQ. Freshly made juice will keep you hydrated, while the exterior patios, dotted with street-food stalls,...

Cafe in Shijiazhuang

Grace 951 Coffee

One of a few cute cafe-bars along this pleasant tree-lined stretch of Zhengdong Lu. Perfect for an afternoon coffee or a couple of quiet evening beers.

Peking Duck in Shijiazhuang


If you didn’t get your full fix of Peking duck in the capital, this big, swish branch of the Beijing chain fires up its duck traditional-style over fruit wood. A half-duck is ¥84, with the trimmings (pancakes,...

Memorial in Shijiazhuang

Revolutionary Martyrs’ Mausoleum

With its emphasis on patriotic education, this mausoleum is located in a pleasant, tree-shaded park and contains the tomb of Canadian doctor Norman Bethune (1890–1939), a surgeon with the Eighth Route Army in the...

Park in Shijiazhuang

People's Square

People's Square comes alive in the early morning with legions of taichi practioners, and in the early evening, when group dancers descend en masse.