Dumplings in Shanhaiguan

Alley Dumplings

Housed in a 200-year-old building, this endearing family-home restaurant, run by a welcoming elderly couple, offers delicious dumplings (饺子, jiǎozi) with three choices of fillings: pork and cabbage (白菜猪肉, báicài...

Dumplings in Shanhaiguan

Sitiao Baozi

At just over ¥1 a pop, the tasty pork bāozi (包子; stuffed steamed buns) here are popular with tourists, not least because this time-honoured restaurant claims to have been filling bellies since before the revolution.

Chinese Islamic in Shanhaiguan

Lanzhou Lamian

Run by a Hui-Muslim family from Qinghai province (and therefore an alcohol-free zone), this no-frills restaurant does a range of tasty noodle dishes, including pulled noodles with beef (牛肉拉面, niúròu lāmiàn – the...