Dumplings in Chéngdé

Dà Qīng Huā

The finest dumpling house in Chéngdé, this excellent establishment has a big choice of juicy jiǎozi (boiled dumplings; ¥14 to ¥28 per serving) with some unusual fillings, including veg options; pan-fried dumplings a…
Food Hall in Shíjiāzhuāng

Lerthai Center

You can't miss at this slick new mall, with dozens of restaurants ranging from Shanghainese and hotpot to pizza and Korean BBQ. Freshly made juice will keep you hydrated, while the exterior patios are an inviting pl…
Noodles in Shānhǎiguān

Lánzhōu Zhèngzōng Niúròu Lāmiàn

Does a range of tasty noodle dishes, including pulled noodles with beef (牛肉拉面; niúròu lāmiàn – the restaurant speciality), with lamb (羊肉拉面; yángròu lāmiàn), with Chinese cabbage (青菜拉面; qīngcài lāmiàn) and with egg (…
Hunan in Shíjiāzhuāng


Get your chilli duck or cumin-rubbed lamb fried up in front of you at this entertaining Húnán-meets-teppanyaki crossover. Be forewarned that it's a very energetic place – every so often the music gets cranked up a n…
Korean in Chéngdé

Hànná Shān Kǎoròu

Seek out this popular Korean restaurant for grill-your-own meats (¥15 fee for coals and sauce bar), kimchi, stone-bowl rice dishes, buckwheat noodles and other delicacies from the peninsula. It's up on the 2nd floor…
Dumplings in Shānhǎiguān

Yǒu Gùshì De Jiǎozi

Come evening, venture outside the city walls to this popular, modern eatery, where a team of jiǎozi specialists make the goods by hand in the open kitchen. In addition to the dumplings, there's a good range of fried…
Hebei in Shíjiāzhuāng

Chéngdé Huìguǎn

Specialising in northern Héběi cuisine, this fine place is actually two restaurants in one. The right side has more atmosphere, with faux courtyard decor, while a more proletarian canteen-like restaurant is on the l…
Dumplings in Chéngdé

Dà Qīng Huā (Train Station)

This branch of an excellent dumpling restaurant is located by the train station. Vegetarian options available.
Dumplings in Shānhǎiguān

Èrtiáo Xiǎoxiàng Jiǎoziguǎn

Housed in a 200-year-old building, this one-woman show offers delicious, golden-fried dumplings (煎饺; jiānjiǎo) with a range of fillings, including pork and cabbage (白菜猪肉; báicài zhūròu) and egg and chives (韭菜鸡蛋; jiǔ…
Peking Duck in Shíjiāzhuāng


If you didn’t manage your full fix of Peking duck in the capital, this big, swish branch of the Běijīng chain fires up its duck traditional-style over fruit wood. A quarter-duck with all the trimmings is ¥58. Pictur…