Top Choice Dumplings in Harbin

Orient King of Eastern Dumplings

It’s not just the freshly made jiǎozi (饺子; stuffed dumplings) that are good at this always busy and ever-expanding chain restaurant: there are also plenty of tasty vegie dishes and draft beer on tap. There's another…
Russian in Harbin

Cafe Russia

Step back in time at this ivy-covered cafe restaurant. Photos illustrating Harbin’s Russian past line the walls, while the old-school furniture and fireplace evoke a different era. There are standard, passable Russi…
Sichuan in Harbin

Láifùbiǎndān Chóngqìng Xiǎo Miàn

A cute hole-in-the-wall eatery serving fiery Sìchuān noodles to a steady stream of customers. Pull up a rustic wooden chair and slurp down sweat-inducing xiǎo miàn (小面; spicy soup noodles) plain or with niú ròu (牛肉;…
Vegetarian in Harbin

Sùxīn Shídù Vegetarian

A vegetarian all-you-can-eat buffet that is on the filling, stir-fried side – think yams, cauliflower, tofu, spinach and mung beans. You can self serve yourself a variety of congee and hot drinks too.
Chinese in Harbin

Old Chang’s Spring Rolls

At this well-known basement spring-roll shop, order a set of wheat roll skins (per roll ¥2), a few plates of meat and vegetable dishes, and then wrap your way to one enjoyable repast.
Food Hall in Harbin

Lóngjiāng Xiǎochī Jiē

Underground food court serving a variety of local dishes such as rice, noodles and other favourites.