Harbin restaurants

Top Choice American in Harbin

Burger Spice

The dining room may be a little gloomy but the super-sized selection of burgers, salads and messy fries (including one stacked sandwich simply called OMG) is anything but. Perfect if you're craving a non-Chinese fix…
Top Choice Dumplings in Harbin

Orient King of Eastern Dumplings

It’s not just the freshly made jiǎozi (饺子; stuffed dumplings) that are good at this always busy and ever-expanding Harbin chain: there are also plenty of tasty vegie dishes and draught beer on tap. There's another l…
Bakery in Harbin

Bomele 1931 Cafe

During Harbin's belle époque, Jewish bakeries were a fixture along Zhongyang Dajie. This one is resolutely Chinese, but they do a tasty bagel sandwich, decent (and cheap) coffee, plus a cornucopia of cakes and bread…
Russian in Harbin

Russia Coffee & Food

Step back in time at this antique cafe-restaurant decorated with period furniture and possessions that once belonged to Nina, a Harbin resident from 1911 to her death in 2001. The cafe owner purchased her estate (in…
Vegetarian in Harbin

Sùxīn Shídù Vegetarian

For just ¥18 you can gorge on a health-conscious, meat-free buffet of filling dishes at this unadorned restaurant popular with elderly locals. For health reasons, no garlic or onion is used. Expect fare like yams, c…
Sichuan in Harbin

Lài Biǎndan Chóngqìng Xiǎo Miàn

A cute hole-in-the-wall eatery serving fiery Chóngqìng noodles to a steady stream of customers. Pull up a rustic wooden chair and slurp down sweat-inducing xiǎo miàn (小面; spicy soup noodles) plain or with niú ròu (牛…
Russian in Harbin

Portman Restaurant

If you're looking to splurge on a Russian-style soirée around Zhongyang Dajie, this is one of the more atmospheric restaurants in the tourist zone, with a period-style interior and live Russian singers (a mandatory …
Chinese in Harbin

Old Chang’s Spring Rolls

Chūnbǐng, a northern Chinese speciality, are essentially DIY spring rolls. At this well-known basement shop, order a set of wheat roll skins (per roll ¥2), a few dishes of stir-fried meat, eggs and vegies, and then …
Food Hall in Harbin

Lóngjiāng Xiǎochī Jiē

This underground mall-style food court is part of a large shopping mall and is well-stocked with a variety of Chinese, Asian and Western food outlets. In winter, it makes a good refuge from the cold.