Top Choice Church in Harbin

Church of St Sophia

The red-brick Russian Orthodox Church of St Sophia, with its distinctive green onion dome and roosting pigeons, is Harbin’s most famous landmark. Built in 1907, the church has traded religion for photographs of Harb…
Buddhist Temple in Harbin

Temple of Bliss

Hēilóngjiāng’s largest temple complex has an active Buddhist community in residence, giving it a genuine religious atmosphere despite the ticket sales. There are many large statues here, including Milefo (Maitreya, …
Architecture in Harbin

Dàolǐqū District

The cobblestone street of Zhongyang Dajie is the most obvious legacy of Russia's involvement with Harbin. Now a pedestrian-only zone, the street, and those nearby, are lined with buildings that date back to the earl…
Museum in Harbin

Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base

This museum is set in the notorious Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base (Division 731). Between 1939 and 1945, prisoners of war and civilians were frozen alive, subjected to vivisection or infected with bubonic …
Park in Harbin

Sun Island Park

Across the river from Stalin Park is Sun Island Park, a 38-sq-km recreational zone with landscaped gardens, a ‘water world’, a ‘Russian-style’ town, and various small galleries and museums. It’s a pleasant place to …
Confucian Temple in Harbin

Harbin Confucius Temple

This peaceful temple complex was first built in 1929 and is said to be the largest Confucian temple in northeastern China. Most of what you see now, though, is from a recent restoration. The site also houses the fas…
Amusement Park in Harbin

Harbin Culture Park

If culture equals amusement, then the creators of this park have certainly ticked all the right boxes. The gigantic Ferris wheel offers panoramic views of the city and it's worth strolling around the grounds to see …
Synagogue in Harbin

Harbin New Synagogue

This synagogue was built in 1921 by the city's Jewish community, the vast majority of whom had emigrated from Russia. Restored and converted into a museum in 2004, the 1st floor is an art gallery with pictures and p…
Cemetery in Harbin

Huángshān Jewish Cemetery

Located in the far eastern suburbs of Harbin, this is the largest Jewish cemetery in East Asia. There are more than 600 graves here, all well maintained. A taxi here takes around 45 minutes and costs about ¥100.
Historic Building in Harbin

Jewish Middle School

This was the first Jewish middle school in the Far East and most recently housed a Korean (!) school. It has since been immaculately restored as part of a shared compound with the original synagogue.