Wushan Lu Night Market

Market in Hangzhou

Wushan Lu Night Market doesn't have too much to offer by way of interesting souvenirs, but it's still a pleasant place to stroll for half an hour or so. Stalls sell knock-off cosmetics and bags, cheap clothes, shoes, plastic jewellery and other knick-knacks to an excited crowd of mostly teenagers. Get the gloves off and haggle hard if something catches your eye.

Better still, spend your cash at the street-food stalls that line Renhe Lu, where you can pick up skewers of spicy beancurd, seasoned sweetcorn, noodles, fried dumplings and a vast range of other snacks.

The market is located on Huixing Lu (惠兴路), between Youdian Lu (邮电路) and Renhe Lu (仁和路).