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Buses (¥75, three hours, seven daily) leave from Xī’ān’s long-distance bus station near Xī'ān train station for Hánchéng from 8am onward; the last bus leaves Xī'ān at 7pm. Buses back to Xī’ān run until 6.30pm. There are two buses per day from to Hánchéng to Huá Shān (¥45, two hours) at 7am and noon. There are also two daily buses to Yán’ān (¥80, eight hours) at 6.50am and 8am.


Six trains (¥17 to ¥42, three hours to seven hours) run between Xī'ān and Hánchéng, from 8am to 6.10pm. There's also a less useful slow train at 2.20am. From Hánchéng, the daily K610 train rumbles towards Běijīng (hard sleeper ¥256, 15 hours) via Píngyáo (¥105, six hours) and Tàiyuán (¥123, eight hours), departing at 2.13pm.