Hainan's East Coast restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Bo'ao

Sea Story

Bó’áo’s most famous restaurant is surprisingly un-flashy, cobbled together from driftwood and with a courtyard full of weathered old fishing junks. The kitchen turns out excellent local and Southeast Asian dishes (t…
Indonesian in Xinglong

Xīng Xīn Gé

There’s no menu here: just pop into the kitchen and point to whichever of the Indonesian-style stews and curries looks (or smells!) the best. In the afternoon, stop by for coffee and qī céng gāo (七层糕), 'seven layer’…
Seafood in Bo'ao

Áogōng Hǎixiān Chéng

Come see what the local fishing boats haul in, and then splash out on a spread of fresh seafood. Pick and choose from among the tanks, which helpfully have prices listed – so you know how much that giant lobster wil…