The weather on Hǎinán is largely warm in autumn and winter, and hot and humid in spring and summer. The mountains are always cooler than the coast, and the north is cooler than the south. Hǎinán is hit by at least one typhoon each year, usually between May and October.

Entry & Exit Formalities


Travellers from countries with diplomatic relations with China – except for the US and France – may apply for a visa on arrival at the airport in Hǎikǒu or Sānyà for stays of up to 15 days. You must be arriving on an international flight (so if you transfer in-country you are not eligible). However, keep in mind that the same arbitrary approval process applies here and in rare cases travellers have been rejected. Some travellers also report not being able to board flights as ground crew may not be aware of the latest visa regulations.

Tourist Information

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