Top Choice Seafood in Bó'áo

Sea Story

Bó’áo’s most famous restaurant is surprisingly un-flashy, cobbled together from driftwood and with a courtyard full of weathered old fishing junks. The kitchen turns out excellent local and Southeast Asian dishes (t…
Top Choice Market in Sānyà

Sānyà Market #1

Sānyà’s most popular market is ostensibly a place to bargain for cheap and colourful clothes and accessories, but its real appeal lies on the fringes, where food vendors set up shop. Stop for barbecued seafood, gril…
Top Choice Hainanese in Hǎikǒu

Ā Bo Pó

Ā Bo Pó means ‘grandma’ in Hainanese, though we’d also translate it as ‘best chicken ever.’ Indeed made by a 70-something grandma, the chicken here is buried in sea salt and baked for four hours, then sealed in plas…
Noodles in Central Highlands

Zhèngzōng Lánzhōu Lāmiàn

This Hui Muslim restaurant sells a wide range of cheap but excellent noodle and lamb dishes. Try the gānbànmiàn (干伴面; ¥15), a kind of stir-fried spaghetti bolognese with hand-pulled noodles.
Seafood in Bó'áo

Áogōng Hǎixiān Chéng

Come see what the local fishing boats haul in, and then splash out on a spread of fresh seafood. Pick and choose from among the tanks, which helpfully have prices listed – so you know how much that giant lobster wil…
Seafood in Hǎikǒu

Bǎnqiáo Road Seafood Market

For a fresh seafood dinner with lots of noise, smoke and toasting, head to the hectare of tables at the Bǎnqiáo Road Seafood Market, known island-wide. First bargain for the raw ingredients from the market – local o…
Hainanese in Hǎikǒu

Hǎikǒu Qílóu Snack Street

This marvelous colonial arcade is the repository of many of the street vendors swept off the street in the clean-up campaign and is easily the best place to sample local Hainanese dishes. Buy a prepaid plastic card …
Italian in Sānyà

Casa Mia Italian Restaurant

A jaded traveller might pooh-pooh the thought of finding top-notch Italian in a Chinese resort town. But they’d be wrong. Casa Mia has truly divine pizzas, pastas (try the special seafood linguine) and classics like…
Supermarket in Hǎikǒu


Big-box store with a supermarket and daily necessities.
Thai in Sānyà

Baan Rim Nam

Dine on Thai classics like curried crab, green papaya salad, and basil pork at this hushed and elegant restaurant in the Anantara Resort, a spa-like resort all done up in mirrors and dark wood. Service is extremely …