Airport in Haikou

Měilán Airport

Hǎikǒu’s Měilán Airport, 25km to the east of town, is well connected to most of China’s major cities, including Hong Kong and Macau, with international flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. Low-sea…
Train Station in Haikou

Hǎikǒu Railway Station

Hǎikǒu Railway Station, the main train station, is in the northwest corner of the city. Bus 37 (¥2) connects the train station and the Clock Tower bus stop; for destinations in the southern part of the city, take bu…
Bus Station in Haikou

Xiùyīng Harbour Station

Long-distance buses to the mainland depart from Xiùyīng Harbour Station, far to the west of town. To get here, take bus 37 (30 minutes) to the Marine Bureau (海事局站; Hǎi Shìjú Zhàn) stop. A taxi costs about ¥30 from d…
Train Station in Haikou

Hǎikǒu East Railway Station

High-speed trains running down the east coast to Sānyà mostly start from Hǎikǒu East Railway Station, in the southeast corner of the city.
Travel Agency in Haikou

China Southern Airlines

Buy train tickets at the dedicated counter at China Southern Airlines.
Bus in Haikou

East Bus Station

The east bus station is 1.5km south of downtown.
Bus Station in Haikou

South Bus Station

The south bus station is 3km south of downtown.
Bus Stop in Haikou

Clock Tower Bus Stop