Top Choice Hainanese in Hǎikǒu

Ā Bo Pó

Ā Bo Pó means ‘grandma’ in Hainanese, though we’d also translate it as ‘best chicken ever.’ Indeed made by a 70-something grandma, the chicken here is buried in sea salt and baked for four hours, then sealed in plas…
Seafood in Hǎikǒu

Bǎnqiáo Road Seafood Market

For a fresh seafood dinner with lots of noise, smoke and toasting, head to the hectare of tables at the Bǎnqiáo Road Seafood Market, known island-wide. First bargain for the raw ingredients from the market – local o…
Hainanese in Hǎikǒu

Hǎikǒu Qílóu Snack Street

This marvelous colonial arcade is the repository of many of the street vendors swept off the street in the clean-up campaign and is easily the best place to sample local Hainanese dishes. Buy a prepaid plastic card …
Supermarket in Hǎikǒu


Big-box store with a supermarket and daily necessities.
Sichuan in Hǎikǒu

Red Bar

This moody, lantern-lit villa down an alley in Guómào is where you’ll find Hǎikǒu’s cool kids sampling fiery Chóngqìng-style street food (refined to yuppie standards). On the northwestern corner of Guomao Lu and Yus…
Dumpling in Hǎikǒu

Guǎngfúlóng Wontons

This Hǎikǒu institution in Old Town does a brisk business in scalding bowls of wonton soup. A ‘small’ is plenty filling. There’s a picture menu.