Nepali in Gyantse

Tashi Restaurant

This Nepali-run place (a branch of Tashi in Shigatse) whips up tasty and filling curries, pizza and yak sizzlers. It also has the best range of Western breakfasts. The decor is Tibetan but the Indian movies and Nepa…
Tibetan in Gyantse

Monastery Restaurant

Perfectly positioned in the courtyard of Pelkor Chöde, this is the place to share a bowl of thenthuk (noodles) or momos (dumplings) with your fellow pilgrims. Choose from pleasant interior and exterior seating and a…
Tibetan in Gyantse

Gyantse Kitchen

This popular local place serves Western, Tibetan and Indian favourites, from chicken sizzlers to breakfast pancakes, plus unique fusion dishes like yak pizza. It's worth ordering the curry just so you can order it w…