Guoliang attractions

Top Choice Viewpoint in Guoliang

Long Corridor in the Cliffs

This tunnel on the cusp of Guoliang village offers a closer perspective on the plunging cliffs, with dramatic views carved through the rock. The tunnel was built between 1972 and 1978 by a local man called Shen Ming…
Area in Guoliang

Black Dragon Pool

A beautiful 40m waterfall with a pool beneath that is at least 28m deep (the shape of the pool has thus far made it impossible to measure any deeper).
Viewpoint in Guoliang

Yáshàng Rénjiā

Four stone compounds that date back to the Ming dynasty. Just opposite, a platform atop a pillar of rock offers astonishing views into a canyon.
Historic Site in Guoliang

Sky Ladder

Previously the only way into the village was via these steep Ming dynasty steps hewn from the local stone. The stairs have no guard rails and have fallen into disrepair, making them off-limits to visitors, but the 2…
Spring in Guoliang

Shouting Spring

According to local lore, the flow of this spring responds to the loudness of your whoops. (It doesn’t, but that doesn't stop people from trying). Expect a lot of noise: yodels, yells and toy horns are all par for th…
Cave in Guoliang

White Dragon Cave

There's not much to see inside this narrow, muddy cave. Unless you're really into clambering over slimy rocks, you can safely skip this one.
Spring in Guoliang

Pearl Spring

This small fissure in the Wanxian Mountains is the source of a flow of cool, clear spring water.