Top things to do in Gulang Yu

Top Choice Chinese in Gulang Yu

Lāohǎi Wù

It feels like you’re cutting through on the way to somewhere else, but stop at the wooden benches for incredible noodle and fish dishes at this friendly outdoor restaurant loved by Fujianese food fanatics. There’s a…
Cafe in Gulang Yu

Babycat Café

The sweet Amoy pies are the attraction at Babycat, a dimly lit haunt with a graffiti wall and feline and nautical touches. Go for the red bean or pistachio flavour. There’s another fancier branch nearby.
Modern European in Gulang Yu

Black Cat Dining Room

A former 1920s dance hall for sailors and diplomats, the Black Cat is now a collection of private dining rooms filled with antiques. The menu swings to its own sweet rhythm between Chinese and Western.
Cafe in Gulang Yu

Chu Family Coffee

A little afternoon delight is found in this garden cafe where cats roam and an award-winning barista brews his magic. The Western desserts don’t scrounge on the cream.
Puppet Theatre in Gulang Yu

Huāng Róngyuǎn Villa

A marvellous pillared building that now houses the Puppet Art Centre. You can visit the building without paying to see a show, of which there are seven daily.
Museum in Gulang Yu

Organ Museum

Housed in the highly distinctive Bāguà Lóu (八卦楼) building is the Organ Museum, with a fantastic collection including a Norman & Beard organ from 1909.
Historic Building in Gulang Yu

Guāncǎi Lóu

This residence built in 1931 has a magnificently dilapidated interior with a wealth of original features.
Church in Gulang Yu

Ecclesia Catholica

A magnificent snow-white Gothic-style church built in 1917.
Park in Gulang Yu

Sunlight Rock Park

Sunlight Rock (Rìguāng Yán), in Sunlight Rock Park, is the island’s highest point at 93m. At the foot of Sunlight Rock is a large colonial-era building known as the Koxinga Memorial Hall. Also in the park is Yīngxió…
Gallery in Gulang Yu

International Calligraphic Art Gallery

Next to the Shūzhuāng Garden, this excellent small museum has calligraphic works from across North Asia. It’s in the southwest of the island.