Gulang Yu attractions

Museum in Gulang Yu

Organ Museum

Housed in the highly distinctive Bāguà Lóu (八卦楼) building is the Organ Museum, with a fantastic collection including a Norman & Beard organ from 1909.
Historic Building in Gulang Yu

Guāncǎi Lóu

This residence built in 1931 has a magnificently dilapidated interior with a wealth of original features.
Church in Gulang Yu

Ecclesia Catholica

A magnificent snow-white Gothic-style church built in 1917.
Park in Gulang Yu

Sunlight Rock Park

Sunlight Rock (Rìguāng Yán), in Sunlight Rock Park, is the island’s highest point at 93m. At the foot of Sunlight Rock is a large colonial-era building known as the Koxinga Memorial Hall. Also in the park is Yīngxió…
Gallery in Gulang Yu

International Calligraphic Art Gallery

Next to the Shūzhuāng Garden, this excellent small museum has calligraphic works from across North Asia. It’s in the southwest of the island.
Architecture in Gulang Yu

Octagonal Villa

This is the former family residence of Mr Lin, a prominent Taiwanese tycoon who lived here in the late 19th century. It’s near Ecclesia Catholica.
Historic Building in Gulang Yu

Consulate Inn

A three-storey Victorian-style building, formerly the British Consulate and currently running as a hotel.
Gardens in Gulang Yu

Shūzhuāng Garden

The waterfront Shūzhuāng Garden on the southern end of the island is a lovely place to linger for a few hours. It has a small pénzāi (bonsai) garden and some delicate-looking pavilions. The piano theme is in full ef…
Museum in Gulang Yu

Koxinga Memorial Hall

Commemorates the life of the charismatic military man who defeated the Dutch East Indies Company in the 17th century.
Historic Building in Gulang Yu

Former Spanish Consulate

An historic 19th century building, standing next to Ecclesia Catholica.