Train Station in Guiyang

Guìyáng North Train Station

The new high-speed rail station is northwest of the city, past Qianling Park.
Boat in Zhenyuan

Yǔmén Wharf

Starting point for river cruises (¥40 for 35 minutes, 8.30am to 9.30pm).
Tickets in Zhenyuan

Zhènyuǎn Ferry Ticket Office

Ferries run across the river to different sides of Zhènyuǎn.
Bus Station in Guiyang

Tourist Bus Station

Tour buses to Huángguǒshù Falls and Lónggōng Caves.
Bus Station in Kaili

Long-Distance Bus Station

The main bus station in Kǎilǐ.
Bus Station in Kaili

Local Bus Station

Bus Station in Anshun

East Bus Station

Train Station in Guiyang

Guìyáng Train Station