Bus Station in Zhaoxing

Small bus station

Small bus station on the main road heading east out of Zhaoxing village, with hourly buses to Tang'an (¥10, 20 minutes). Buses leave on the hour from Zhaoxing, returning from Tang'an on the half-hour. You'll need...

Bus Station in Kaili

Miaodu Bus Terminal

Minibuses to most local Miao villages depart from here – ask the drivers which bus is going where and hop on. Prices vary depending on the destination but are very cheap.

Bus Station in Anshun

North Bus Station

Has buses (¥35, one hour, every 20 minutes, around 7am to 6pm) to Zhijin town (for Zhijin Cave).

Bus Stop in Chishui

Tourist Service Centre

Eight kilometres south of the city centre, the tourist service centre has buses to some of Chishui's top attractions.

Ferry in Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan Ferries

Just hop on the ferry here to cross the river. Pay on the boat by throwing your money into the basket on board.

Boat in Zhenyuan

Yumen Wharf

Starting point for river cruises (30 minutes, 9am to 10.30pm, ¥60 before 6pm, ¥80 after).

Bus Station in Xijiang

Bus station

Xijiang's main bus station for local destinations including Kaili and Leishan.