Guizhou restaurants

Top Choice Guizhou in Guiyang

Old Kǎilǐ Sour Fish Restaurant

This local institution has two branches, but the one on Shengfu Lu has superior service and atmosphere (both have Miao waitstaff in traditional garb). Everyone comes for suāntāngyú (酸汤鱼; sour fish soup), a Miao deli…
Market in Anshun

Ānshùn Night Market

Ānshùn's number-one attraction is this vibrant night market, where locals gather around plastic tables and in small restaurants to sample strange lake critters, skewers of vegetable and tofu, fresh siwawa (local pan…
Guizhou in Guiyang

Tree Kitchen

Next door to the Novotel is this homely restaurant set inside a courtyard of a former private residence. The modest menu considers the Western palate in dishes such as barbecued beef and leeks (火烧葱香牛肉; huǒshāo cōng …
Guizhou in Guiyang


Here's the quintessential local restaurant writ large, thanks to consistent Guìzhōu cuisine in an unpretentious setting. Hundreds of tables are squeezed in among the alleys off Zhonghua Beilu as diners feast year-ro…
Seafood in Anshun

Liúyìshǒu Kǎoyú

Packed during night-market hours – when the restaurant fills its premises on Hongqi Lu and spills onto tables flung out on Gufu Jie – this heaving eatery specialises in tasty grilled fish. It’s best to dine as a gro…
Chinese in Kaili

Liànghuānzhài Fish Soup Restaurant

The pick of the local sour soup venues gets the nod due to the high turnover of customers, the bubbly service and the sharp, tangy flavour. Take control of the chilli before someone else does! It's 2km west of the c…
Chinese in Zhenyuan

Yǒngfúróng Inn

Busy restaurant overlooking the river, with some English spoken. Guìzhōu cuisine here can be made light on the chilli if requested. Rooms (from ¥180) are also available upstairs.
Dumplings in Zhenyuan

Gǔchéng Zhēngjiǎo

Right next to Yǔmén Wharf, this very simple restaurant does lovely jiānjiǎo (fried dumplings) and is a cheap place for a beer.
Noodles in Kaili

Lǐxiǎng Miànshídiàn

This friendly eatery with blue plastic furniture serves simple dishes – such as spare ribs soup (¥7) – as well as tasty noodles. It's handy for a morning meal or coffee prior to village-hopping.
Market in Kaili

Night Market

Bustling night market with a wide range of shāokǎo (barbecue) places, as well as noodles and dumplings.