Top ChoiceVegetarian in Guiyang

Shanzai Vegetarian Meal

The beautiful rooftop terrace of this vegetarian restaurant has some of the best views and food in Guiyang. All dishes are stylishly presented and combine interesting and unique flavours. The signature dish is...

Top ChoiceGuizhou in Guiyang

Old Kaili Sour Fish Restaurant

This local institution has two branches, but the one on Shengfu Lu has superior service and atmosphere (both have Miao waitstaff in traditional garb). Everyone comes for suāntāngyú (酸汤鱼; sour fish soup), a Miao...

Top ChoiceChinese in Zhenyuan

Nóngjīa Fàn Xiāng

At the top of Sifangjing Xiang, and with a lovely terrace, this quiet family-run restaurant serves up Guizhou-style dishes including smokey cured bacon with ferncakes (蕨粑腊肉, juébā làròu). It also has classics...

Guizhou in Guiyang

Shù Chú

Next door to the Novotel is this homely restaurant set inside a courtyard of a former private residence. The menu here errs on the spicy side, although the fish-flavoured pork (鱼香肉丝, yúxiāng ròusī; ¥46) doesn't...

Chinese in Xingyi

Màizi Shānzhuāng

On the western edge of Upper Nahui village and with a lovely outdoor seating area, this restaurant serves up delicious dishes such as green pepper pork (青椒炒肉丝, qīngjiāo chǎo ròusī; ¥30), soy sauce braised fish...

Chinese in Zhenyuan

Lǎo Qiáo Xiǎochī

Unpretentious local restaurant with a picture menu for easier ordering. The steamed dumplings are good, and you can order noodle dishes with either rice or wheat noodles – try the speciality pickled pepper beef...

Breakfast in Guiyang

Mumu One

The service here might be a little too relaxed but it has good coffee (available with dairy-free milk alternatives), snacks, a handful of cocktails as well as all-day western-style brunch dishes, making this...

Noodles in Kaili

Lǐxiǎng Miànshídiàn

This friendly cafe with blue plastic furniture serves simple dishes such as beef soup noodles (牛肉汤粉面, niúròu tāng fěnmiàn; ¥10) and handmade soup dumplings (汤饺, tāngjiǎo; ¥10). It's handy for a morning meal prior...

Guizhou in Guiyang


This restaurant housed in an old warehouse on a ramshackle lane off Qianling Xilu serves consistent Guizhou cuisine in an unpretentious setting. Staff speak no English but will happily recommend dishes based on...

Chinese in Zhaoxing

Nóngfū Rénjiā

Next to the Dragon Bridge (龙桥, Lóngqiáo) this simple homestyle restaurant has pictures for easier ordering and a lovely riverside terrace. The braised aubergine (红烧茄子, hóngshāo qiézi) served with a bowl of white...

Dumplings in Anshun

Bǎinián Lǎozìhao

The Shanghai-style steamed buns, dumplings and pot stickers served here are good for a quick and cheap bite. To order, simply point to a picture or one of the bamboo steamers out front. Also serves congee (粥,...

Chinese in Kaili

Kuàihuó Línliànghuān Zhài

The pick of the local sour soup venues gets the nod due to the high turnover of customers, the bubbly service and the sharp, tangy flavour. Take control of the chilli before someone else does! It's 2km west of...

Chinese in Zhaoxing

Lǎopái Niú Yáng Ròufěn

This restaurant on the main street sells classic Guizhou dishes such as rice noodles (米粉, mǐfěn) and fish in hot and sour soup (酸汤鱼, suāntāng yú) as well as dumplings and barbecued meats.

Seafood in Anshun

Liúyìshǒu Kǎoyú

Packed at night, this heaving eatery specialises in tasty grilled fish and hot pot. It’s best to dine as a group, as fish weights start at around 3 jīn (which is 1.8kg).

Chinese in Basha

Mǐfěn Diàn

Simple place serving up cheap and cheerful pork rice noodles (鲜肉米粉, xiānròu mǐfěn; ¥8) and yellow sticky rice (糯米饭, nuòmǐ fàn) served with pickled vegetables and barbequed pork (¥10). It's at the top of the...

Market in Kaili

Night Market

Bustling night market with a wide range of shāokǎo (barbecue) places, as well as noodles and dumplings. Also has an entrance on Shaoshan Nanlu.