Guìzhōu attractions

Waterfall in Ānshùn

Huángguǒshù Falls

Hugely popular among domestic travellers for good reason, Huángguǒshù Falls are one of many cascades gushing around a pristine national park where sublime walking trails lead to stunning views. The 77.8m-tall, 81m-w…
Temple in Zhènyuǎn

Qīnglóng Dòng

Across the river from the old town, the epic vertical warren of temples, grottoes, corridors and caves of Qīnglóng Dòng rises up against Zhōnghé Mountain (Zhōnghé Shān; 中和山). Flooded with lights at night, it forms a…
Area in Zhènyuǎn

Sifangjing Xiang

Four old and well-preserved alleys lead north away from the river: Sifangjing Xiang, Fuxing Xiang, Renshou Xiang and Chongzikou Xiang. Wander along Sifangjing Xiang and peek at its namesake Sìfāngjǐng (Four Directio…
Nature Reserve in Chìshuǐ

Bamboo Sea

The sea barely parts for trekkers whose slippery soles pad along wooden pathways through towering green-bamboo forest. It's a heady experience, if only for the bug life near the forest floor. Come armed with repelle…
Cave in Ānshùn

Zhījīn Cave

This monstrously long (10km) cave is the biggest in the country – a visit will satisfy everyone from hardcore spelunkers to wide-eyed tourists with a penchant for subterranean beauty. Pockets open up to 150m high to…
Mountain in Tiānlóng & Tiāntáishān


This forested mountain (1138m) has the astonishing temple of Wǔlóng Sì (伍龙寺) at its summit. A refreshing hike through the trees takes you to the summit, where you can explore the various rooms of the temple. In a ha…
Waterfall in Chìshuǐ

Shízhàngdòng Waterfall

The undervisited understudy to the famous Huángguǒshù Falls in the south is a 76m-high beauty pummelling into the pools below. There are fewer restrictions on swimming here, but even if you stand 100m away, you will…
Viewpoint in Chìshuǐ

Sìdònggōu Valley

This 4.5km-long valley is forested with ancient ferns and dotted with gushing cataracts. Paths follow both sides of a river; gushing minifalls lead to four ‘proper’ waterfalls. The biggest and most impressive is the…
Nature Reserve in Chìshuǐ

Jīnshāgōu Nature Reserve

This reserve was established to protect the alsophila ferns that grow in abundance here. Today, the prehistoric plants still dwarf visitors. It's also the site of a bamboo forest, known as the Bamboo Sea.
Cave in Ānshùn

Lónggōng Cave

Even though the feeling is overwhelmingly tacky – think coloured lights, awkward commentary and boats full of tourists – there is something sublime about the water-borne cave expedition winding through 20 hills. The…